Today was the day I was going to recreate a few of the food blogs that had caught my interest and this dish comes from the island where my mother was born, Jamaica.

I grew up on cornmeal porridge and it was always a treat whenever mom would make it on Saturday mornings. So today I decided to make a recipe I saw from Chef and Steward blog called Plantain Porridge. Now when I read the recipe I thought it was very easy, but different because whenever I eat plantain they are ripe and I usually pan fry them in butter and get them nice and crispy, but making green unripe plantains for a porridge peaked my interest and I had no idea how the porridge would taste.  I can say it was a little challenge peeling them, but all that work paid off and I started slowly simmering it on the stove.

photo 4

Once I let it simmer, while stirring continuously I added the next few ingredients and…

photo 3

I let it simmer some more, while stirring and…

photo 2

Here is the porridge and yes, it was very very good!!!

Thank you Chef and Steward.