I have been wracking my brain and googling like crazy trying to find a recipe that will allow me to use lavender and I want to give recipe.com the credit because I found the perfect recipe. I usually don’t follow recipes, but I have to be honest, using lavender was a little intimidating for me. I have never used any type of floral ingredients in my cooking and while I was searching the many uses of lavender, I saw that using too much can make your food taste like soap.  Now I adore the smell and color of lavender, but cooking with it is way outside my comfort zone and I wasn’t going to be too adventurous with it until I understood the flavor it would bring.

I wanted to purchase an actual lavender plant, but I am not familiar with the season it grows in and the upkeep of it.  So I went to Williams-Sonoma to purchase some French Lavender and of course I got side-tracked looking at all the pretty shiny cooking equipment and tools and for minute, I forgot why I was in there, but my sons persistent questions about dinner jolted me back to reality.  I purchase the lavender and it sits in my cabinet for a couple of weeks until I find some use for it.  While looking through my recipe books I see a recipe for lavender chicken and remember that I am supposed to be preparing something with this floral ingredient and I come upon the perfect cupcake recipe, which is easy to make.

Before gathering my ingredients, the first thing I do is open the jar and the fragrance that comes out is wonderful!!!! Like I previously said, I adore the scent and leave the jar open.

photo (5)

I double checked the recipe to make sure I have everything ready, but I am a little nervous because the recipe calls for 2 teaspoons of lavender and the only thing I keep thinking of is soap, so I only use 1 1/2 teaspoons.  I put the cupcakes in the oven and start making the frosting and wait patiently for them to cool.  I try a piece without frosting and to my surprise, it was great and the lavender wasn’t too overpowering and paired with the honey frosting makes it perfect.

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I am so excited because I will be making an assortment of goodies for my church on Easter Sunday and these delicious cupcakes will be part of it!!!!

You can get the recipe here at www.recipe.com/lavender-honey-cupcakes/