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Last week will be a week that I will always remember.  I was able to spend time with my uncle and auntie, whom I haven’t seen in over 3 years and they finally got to meet their great nephew.  It had meant a lot for them to meet him because they had traveled from FL to VA to help prepare for my baby shower in Dec. 2011. Mom and I was so excited to see them, but I was anxious about the drive.  I had decided that I would drive the whole distance of 11 hours and with this being my first long distance drive I was a little overwhelmed.  Plus travelling with a toddler I knew that this trip would be a lot longer than 11 hours, but honestly he did well and stopping at every rest stop at the beginning of each state had helped out a lot.  When we had pulled up it felt just like home and we quickly settled in and chatted.

While the visit included some sight-seeing and shopping, we enjoyed each others company while cooking with and for each other.  My uncle and auntie both cook and learning how to make some Jamaican dishes was awesome. Uncle had some curry chicken waiting for us when we arrived and throughout the whole visit we lived in the kitchen, which is my favorite place in the house.  He made us breakfast, packed us hearty lunch for our day at Clearwater Beach and for the weekend he grilled some jerk pork, burgers, chicken, and hotdogs.

While looking through the refrigerator I remember auntie had some really ripe bananas and when I asked what they were for she told me she was going to make fritters.  I had no idea what Jamaican fritters were and didn’t think to much about them until I saw her make them for breakfast a few days later. WOW!!!!! They are my new favorite things to eat and I can’t wait for my bananas to ripen to make some. On Sunday morning auntie and uncle woke up early and made us a true Jamaican breakfast. We had fried dumpling, breadfruit, ackee & saltfish, plantain, callalo, bammy, saltfish fritters, and milo tea. Her daughters’ family came for breakfast and it was fun wearing our Jamaican t-shirts and eating as a big family.  For dinner uncle made us some oxtail with rice and peas and he made sure we always had something to eat and honestly we ate throughout the whole visit.  Home cooked meals are the best!!!!

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Breakfast spread!

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I am grateful for my family and I truly love mine.

Uncle and auntie, we love and miss y’all so much.  Thank you so much for the love, time, laughs, and cooking lessons.  We are looking forward to next year!!!!!