During my weekly grocery shopping I usually grab a bunch of bananas and hope that they are eaten before they over ripe, unfortunately that wasn’t the case a few weeks ago.  I needed to bake something for church and while looking in the pantry and refrigerator for my basic baking needs I fell short of some things.  I looked at the perfectly yellow bananas and wished of all days that they were brown and spotted.  I had started my morning late and with a full day planned, going to the grocery store wasn’t an option.  I made some breakfast and mentally went over recipes that could work with my limited ingredients.  Again I looked at the bananas and remembered an article I read about the many ways to ripen bananas.  I didn’t have time for the paper bag method or to find a dark warm area in the house, I needed something quick and efficient.

The oven…

I didn’t remember the details of the oven method, but I did remember the results so I gave it a try.


Having no idea what to expect I put the bananas in a 300 degree oven and became a little reluctant after 10 minutes when the bananas became very dark and watery. I was hoping that I was doing the process correctly and patiently waited for 20 more minutes.


After the 20 minutes I took the warm, sweet smelling bananas out the oven and let them cool slightly.

As I was preparing the ingredients for my chocolate chip banana bread.  I was a little worried because over ripen bananas are brown and mushy, but with this process the bananas still looked like bananas, only a little watery.

FullSizeRender (11)

After preparing my batter and baking the bread I was anxious to see the results and let’s just say, I heard no complaints!

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